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Luxury Car hire Germany

Excellence performance and a car ready to react to the slightest intention of the driver. The gear shift gives pure emotion and maximum performance combines with perfect maneuverability.

Pick-up: Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Rhine, Ruhr, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne, Bonn, Freiburg, Hanover, Nuremberg, Hahn, Bremen, Weeze, Leipzig, Halle, Dortmund, Dresden, Karlsruhe, Münster, Paderborn, Memmingen, Friedrichshafen, Saarbrücken, Rostock, Zweibrücken


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Rent a Ferrari 458 Italia in Germany Rent a Ferrari 458 Italia Germany

Type: luxury car hire Germany
Number of seats available: 2
Pick-up: Germany
Description:The elegance of the interior confirms the typical traits of Formula 1, with all available commands at the wheel. Two exclusive seats and pure adrenaline for this supercar thanks to the powerful V8 and 570 hp. Luxury interior with ergonomic seats that enhance the feeling of speed. wherever details sought to ensure a comfortable driving in any situation.
High quality and handcrafted details to the elegant interior of the Ferrari 458 Italy. The design and comfort are typical Ferrari, with sleek and muscular at the same time. Multifunction steering wheel with so much innovation that ensures a perfect and comfortable driving.

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Rent a Mercedes Classe E 250 Rent a Mercedes E Germany

Type: Prestige car hire Germany
Number of seats available: 4
Pick-up: Germany

Sinuous and elegant lines that have made the history of the brand. With the Mercedes E Class have managed to combine the elegance and the sportiness in a unique car that can satisfy the needs of a short short weekend or a more challenging trip, without giving up to the typical sensations of a Mercedes.
The long hood and sleek soft lines ending with a front end that shows all the decision and the class of the car , the grille with two louvres symbol of the manufacturer which features in the central part literally opens the way for the rest of the car .

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Porsche Cayenne Rental in Germany Rent a Porsche Cayenne in Germany

Type: SUV 4X4 car hire Germany
Number of seats available: 4
Description: The Porsche Cayenne is certainly a car that combines performance of a large car with a surprising versatility and a simplicity of driving that you don't expect. The maximum speed is of 230 mph and the acceleration from 0 to 100 is in 7.5 seconds, that is enough to feel the power of the horses and the powerful roar of the Porsche engine.
The manual six-speed transmission allows you to rediscover the pleasure of sporty driving, while the all-wheel drive will allow you to overcome easily even the most demanding routes with serenity.
To hire a Porsche Cayenne is ideal for people who want adventure, for those who love driving off-road , maintaining elegance and exclusivity.

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Rent a Range Rover Sport in Germany Rent a Range Rover Germany

Type: SUV 4X4 car hire Germany
Model:Range Rover Sport
Number of seats available: 5
You can expect a 5 star service, with delivery and collection in different locations. Both the front and rear seats have side supports and integrated headrests, with large spaces that allow you to stretch legs comfortably. The trunk is not very big but it allows the insertion of suitcases and small luggage. It’s perfect for reaching those distant snow destinations for your Swiss skiing trip thanks to the presence of winter tires and snow chains. The Range Rover Sport have all the characteristics of a car with a very high safety rating.

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Rent a Mercedes Viano in Germany 7 seater car hire Germany Mercedes Viano

Type: minivan car hire Germany
Number of seats available: 4
Pick-up: Germany - Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne
Description: The particular arrangement of side doors with sliding opening, allows easy entry and exit and load luggage without the slightest effort. Versatility and driveability are the main features that distinguish the minivan signed Mercedes. Very good handling, despite the nearly 5 meters in length (also perfect for fall within the maximum limit to move in ferry without surcharge). With its recognizable body, powerful motor and exclusive character the Mercedes Viano has nothing missing in comparison to all other models of its kind in the market. Passengers appreciate the comfortable leather seats and large spaces available on-board.

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Rent a Mercedes ML in Italy Rent a Mercedes ML Germany

Type: SUV car hire Germany
Model: Mercedes ML
Number of seats available: 4
Pick-up: Germany
Return of the car: according to customer requirements.

Hiring a Mercedes ML will guarantee optimal traction on all types of terrain and you will have the possibility to reach in total safety the best ski stations in Switzerland. With uphill start assistance and downhill speed regulation (DSR) you will be assured a driving experience that is both relaxed and peaceful not only on straight roads but also throughout bends..

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Rent a Range Rover Sport in Germany Rent a Ferrari California in Germany

Type: Germany exotic car rental
Number of seats available: 4
Pick-up: Germany
Return of the car: Two exclusive seats, with a gritty and stylish design.
Gearbox 7-speed transmission can also be operated with steering wheel paddles. In curve gives emotions to no end, maintaining at all times the maximum comfort and security. The 8-cylinder engine in V offers endless excitement with 460 horsepower that are able to excite even the most discerning driver.Strictly Cabrio, Ferrari California has a design worthy of note. A perfect line to give oxygen and temperature at the engine of Maranello House, thanks to high performance.
The roar and the response to the accelerator are a masterpiece of engineering.

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Rent a Porsche Panamera in Germany Rent a Porsche Panamera Germany

Type: Prestige car hire Germany
Number of seats available: 4
Description: Porche Panamera stands for safety and excellent stability. The cabin is well insulated and so no external noise can disturb guests. Inside, the quality of the materials and the attention to details create a comfortable atmosphere where you can spend in extrem comfort a pleasant trip. Very special vents also enlarged and clearly visible on the hood that allow optimal cooling of the brakes and the engine at the same time creating a new look very nice . The new side skirts and new exterior mirrors help to give the Porsche Panamera a new line and even sportier .

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Rent a Maserati Gran Turismo in Germany Rent a Maserati GT Germany

Type: luxury car hire Germany
Model: Maserati Gran Turismo
Number of seats available: 4
Pick-up: Germany
Return of the car: Rent a Maserati Gt that will guarantee you a secure and comfortable drive even on rough roads thanks to its intelligent suspension system that recognises and softens the imperfections in the road.

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Top Luxury Service Car Hire Germany

Luxury car rental Germany: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin. Go anywhere with its great road traction and take a journey in complete privacy with its tinted windows.
Featuring all the options such as three-zoned climate control, airbags at the front/side/side, large boot and much more.
This car represents the perfect choice for those wanting to travel like royals.

A network to cover car rental in all major Germany airports: car rental Berlin Tegel Airport, car hire Berlin Schoenefeld Airport, luxury car rental Munich airport, prestige car rental Frankfurt airport, rent a exoti car in Hamburg airport Germany.

Address Berlin Airport

Flughafen Schönefeld Berlin, 12521 Germany

Latitude: 52.385441 Longitude: 13.521615

Phone: 0039 339 111.44.30

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Luxury Car rental Germany (our advice): Porsche Panamera

His body and the domestic first-class make it one of the best luxury sports sedans available . The Porsche has enjoyed a great success all over the world , especially in America and China , currently the second largest market for the Panamera . Being behind the wheel of this coupe is impressive , has a stable and comfortable ride quality . Very comfortable with a good steering and brakes easy to dose , always go up to the occasion . The car is agile and with excellent road holding , which guarantees fun and satisfaction to those who prefers a moderate leadership , both those who have aspirations sports .

Luxury Car hire Germany (Our advice): Ferrari 458 Sport

Sitting behind the wheel , bucket seats and perfect visibility predispose to aggressive driving and pleasant and the first surprise is the dual clutch F1 : shifting gears is a breeze . What is more intoxicating is its performance : fast and agile , thanks also to its lightness and who is behind the wheel , can not demonstrate a real thrill and be enveloped completely by the magic of an engine that seems driven by a magic wand .

Prestige Car rental Germany (Our advice): Aston Martin

Aston Martin can match these specifications, such as elegance, grandeur and power of the engine , in style perfect proportions with convertible models , sedans and coupes.
Aston Martin cars are the most sought after in the panorama of luxury car rental.

The line has a function that expresses the prestige of the car , performance , agility and speed.
The spoiler deep and flared wheel passes transmit the maximum stability in all types of road. In addition to offering outstanding performance a beautiful sports car in the classic mold in two places or four , which offers refinement , comfort unprecedented for a path relaxation and accurate.

The seats offer outstanding support , highlighting the typical artisan traditions luxury cars.
Experience behind the wheel of the Aston Martin is a thrill without end .
You touch the threshold of over 300 km / h with acceleration stunning in just four seconds.

Its performance is supported by advanced safety systems , Dynamic Stability Control , while the braking capacity aid offer outstanding arrest with carbon discs .


Car Hire Germany
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Summary: I rented the Lamborghini Gallardo during my trip to Europe.
Description: Excellent performance and incomparable elegance. Top Luxury Service is perfect. Delivery and collection very quickly, courteously and maximum professionalism.
I've talked before reaching my destination and the browser was already set up with all the stages of my journey. A courtesy that I enjoyed.